Ordinary No More

I’m just a young woman with a million thoughts going through my head each day and this page will probably be full of them once I get into the habitual avocation of “blogging” shared by millions of others.  With that being said, I am no ordinary young woman (but definitely not narcissistic).  From the outside I most certainly am “ordinary” but not from within.  As I brush my teeth in the morning, drink my wonderful cup of coffee (to which I owe my consciousness), go to work, attend my classes, while I drive and even as I type now, my heart and soul are being morphed by the hands of God through His Holy Spirit.  That’s right.  I am a young Christian woman who is desperately wondering what God has in store for her life.

I wasn’t always like this.  I mean, I’ve always considered myself a Christian, but not like this.  This is something different that has been shifting in me ever since I gave my testimony in front of my congregation at the beginning of November.  I am no Joan of Arc nor am I an Esther.  I am just Ashley; a 23 year old English major who has had more downs than ups in the first part of her life.  But just because I belittle myself doesn’t mean that there isn’t something more to me.  I just haven’t seen it yet, but God has and I have a feeling that He is going to use me for something soon.

If you ever feel like you’re unworthy of such a love God gives or you don’t think that He could use you because you’re too broken, messed up or sinful makes you all the more worth while why God would use you.  Just remember you are worth more in God’s eyes than you will ever know.




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